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Titanium metal and titanium alloys have become an essential material which is used within a wide range of industries throughout Manchester and the UK including food and beverage production, aviation, space craft manufacturing, energy production, surgical and dental requirements.

  • Low Cost: Titanium metals offer a low cost product for a range of uses due to its unique properties. Titanium is an abundant material which is easily extracted from the Earth's core at a low cost.
  • High Tensile Strength : The properties of tensile strength in titanium is the equivalent to the majority of alloy steels.
  • Lightweight Material : The density of titanium is 56 times less than steel so it is a commonly used material throughout industries which require lightweight results.

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Advanced Titanium Materials Ltd provide high quality titanium products of any required grade to major suppliers and stockists throughout Manchester and the UK. We have a dedicated team of technical engineers who can work with you to develop a titanium alloy product to suit your specific requirements.

We can produce forged titanium products in any size or shape for use in a range of conditions and design specifications. We understand the complete range of properties available form the variety of titanium grades which all produce unique functions. We can provide specialist advice on the range of titanium grade metals to suit your needs.

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We are the premier stockist of titanium metal bars, sheets, tubes and rings in Manchester and the UK. Call Advanced Titanium Materials Ltd today on 01142395771 for more information or use our contact form to forward your details.

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